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Posted on: 06-19-2017 Posted By: Synergie Skin

-Deidre for Victorian Cosmetic Institute

“My skin looks so lovely. A girlfriend and I were having lunch the other day and there was a lady staring at me. She came over when she was leaving and said, “I’m so sorry I’ve been staring but I just wanted to tell you, your skin is so beautiful!” Its been a regenerating process for me. I couldn’t hope for any more” – Deirdre

Deidre underwent a 10 week program to treat signs of redness, ageing and sun damage on her skin. Her results from using Synergie Skin products in conjunction with Victorian Cosmetic Institute laser treatments by Dr.Gavin Chan are incredible! Her skin looks brighter, softer and more rejuvenated. Click below to watch Dierdre’s skin transformation

Posted on: 10-27-2015 Posted By: Synergie Skin

Tiffany Scanlon

Tiffany_Janes“As a 30 year old woman I had not anticipated having to deal with acne when I had been acne-free all of my teenage years. I tried home remedies and many products, including prescription medication to try to clear my skin. Short of going back on the contraceptive pill or taking roaccutane, I had all but given up on having clear skin again when I was introduced to Synergie Skin by Medical Aesthetics Geraldton. After having a phone discussion about my skin concerns, I was set up with a customised skin care routine. Within a few weeks I started to notice the large red bumps on my neck disappearing and the acne on my chin and forehead clearing up. Any remaining spots or scaring I was able to cover with the concealer and foundation from Synergie Skin which did not clog my pores and contained ingredients that continued to treat my acne even while wearing makeup! I honestly could not be happier with the results I am getting and I plan to continue using these products for many years to come.”
Posted on: 02-22-2017 Posted By: Synergie Skin

Megan Marx

@megan.leto.marx“Over the last year or so I’ve been attending a lot of events and doing a lot of photoshoots- as a consequence of wearing a lot of makeup consistently, too much time in the sun (naughty!) combined with a lack of skincare routine, my skin was dry, dull and lacklustre. I was introduced to Synergie Skin through Medical Aesthetics Geraldton, and have not used anything else since contacting Synergie directly! The team set me up with a personalised skin care regimen and it didn’t take long to be able to wake up in the morning and feel good about the way my skin looks and feels. Massive change from 3 months ago, I assure you!. The mineral makeup and concealer has also been exceptional and is part of my day-to-day beauty bag.”



Posted on: 03-23-2017 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– Georgia Walsh, makeup artist


“As the head makeup artist and hair stylist on Air Girl, I designed my makeup looks specifically using Synergie Minerals Makeup. I was unsure whether a mineral makeup could be camera ready and long lasting enough to do what I needed it to do, but I have to say my experience with Synergie Minerals was fabulous. We used Mineral Whip Foundation on lead actress Arielle, and results were flawless. Easy to blend, with enough coverage for camera and a beautiful healthy skin finish. I particularly loved the blush in apricot to recreate that beautiful 1930’s complexion, and the Magnifeye and Pout Pots for the typical winged liner and red lip of the time. Shooting over many days, often for over 10 hours, it is comforting to know that what is going on the actors skin is going to help and nourish the complexion in the days to come, and also deliver great results on camera.”

– Georgia Walsh, makeup artist and hair stylist for Australian short film, Air Girl.


Posted on: 07-8-2015 Posted By: Synergie Skin

The Adelaidian

The stylish duo from Aussie fashion blog, The Adelaidian, switched up their skin routine and tried Synergie Skin for a month. How did they go? Check out their review here…

“One month later, Mel’s skin is looking glowing and flawless, void of pimples, dry patches, red spots or any other kind of nasties. Perhaps the most surprising part about this trial was the time in which it took to actually make a difference; one week in and Mel was already looking fresh-faced and fabulous! Needless to say, the B-juvEnate moisturiser is definitely her new go-to skincare product… that stuff works some serious magic.”

“Kristen was a little skeptical before beginning her month of Synergie, as she had worked hard to develop a skincare routine she thought best suited her skin. However, after giving up her carefully selected products she was quite surprised at how well the Synergie products suited her skin. Within a week her skin was looking plump and glowing, and during the entire month not once did she develop any dry patches on her face. She’s actually started receiving random compliments from strangers on how nice her skin looks!”

Click here to read the full reviewtheadelaidian_synergie



Posted on: 05-18-2016 Posted By: Synergie Skin

A solution to break outs – Victorian Cosmetic Institute


This patient presented to Victorian Cosmetic Institute with concerns her skin breaking out. She had tried many different treatments and products prior to coming to our clinic. VCI skin therapist, Dani, placed her on a simple skin care plan of Synergie Skin BioCleanse and Priority B serum. The patient also had a series of LED light therapy treatments. This is her before and after images following her 8th treatment.


Posted on: 11-30-2015 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– Blogger for ‘Tried and Tested’


“Housed in sturdy plastic jar, the mask is dispensed from a press pump which ensures that use of the mask is hygienic. The mask has a gorgeous sweet vanilla scent that reminds me of vanilla frosting!

MasquErase has the consistency of a very light lotion and almost melts when it hits the skin due to body heat, allowing it to be easily smoothed over the face and has to be one of the most comfortable masks to wear that I’ve tried because it doesn’t overly tighten the skin and you can go about doing things whilst the mask is on your face.

Before giving this mask a go for the first time, I had developed some redness and dry skin due to a reaction with another product and this mask worked so well at both soothing and combating the dryness that was there. After using this mask for weeks now, I definitely see and feel the difference that it makes to my skin and I really think that it is more than a mask and almost a whole treatment, as described by the brand! My skin is constantly left feeling hydrated, soft and supple after each use and combined with its amazing scent, makes you feel as though you’ve had a salon quality mask!

It’s one of my new favourite skincare products!”

Click here for full review



Posted on: 10-3-2014 Posted By: Synergie Skin

-Jade Cosmetic Clinic

“After making it through high school and puberty with clear, flawless skin, I never imagined I’d end up like that before photo. I hit my early 20’s, and suddenly my skin was breaking out constantly. I just couldn’t seen to get a break from it. Family & friends began commenting on it and I was so self conscious of it. To the point where it even began to put me off socialising and leaving the house. Every time I spoke to someone, I felt like they were staring at my blemishes. It sounds so superficial, but problematic skin really can have a huge detrimental effect to your self confidence! One month on and it’s clear to see, I could not be happier! Thank you to The Jade Cosmetic Clinic for my regular skin treatments & IPL, and to Michael at Pure Synergie Skin Store for my Synergie Skin Care & Synergie Mineral make up”

– client from Jade Cosmetic Clinic

887513_979284195466827_6801638640030310846_o12015122_979284185466828_8282656337840325579_o Jade

Click here to visit the Jade Cosmetic Clinic website

Click here to visit the Pure Synergie Skin Store website


Posted on: 09-30-2015 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– Geena Angove

GEENA 3 month progress

“Using Synergie products has been a very positive experience for me. The products have helped significantly improve my skin, visibly clearing up the acne on my forehead nose and cheeks and dramatically reducing the oiliness and redness of my skin. I would definitely recommend Synergie to teenagers like me who also suffer with acne and blemishes.

The products I found the most effective on my skin and would recommend were Blem-X and the Mediscrub. Both of these products helped to reduce my pimples and increase the smoothness of my skin. I will definitely continue using these products. My favourite products were the cleanser and Hydrogel as both of these products were very gentle and didn’t leave my skin feeling oily or irritated, so I think these products would work for others who also have sensitive skin like me.

Finally, I absolutely loved using the makeup. The loose minerals and concealer gave me great coverage and felt very comfortable on my skin. I also loved the lip sticks and glosses which not only looked great but didn’t cause me to break out around my lips.

Overall, my experience with Synergie has been positive and I looked forward to continuing using the skin care products and trying more of the makeup range.”

Posted on: 11-15-2014 Posted By: Synergie Skin

Sophia from Beauty Directory

Synergie Skin CelluTite Body

Sophia_0You know the bootylicious selfie of Kim K in that white one-piece swimsuit showing off her enviable backside? Well, I would (and totally could) appropriate that image if I had the same amount of cellulite as Kim K – which is zero! Enter Synergie Skin’s CelluTite Body gel. This contouring gel contains Actiporine™ to detoxify cells and stimulate collagen synthesis, as well as caffeine to release sodium from fat cells and causes them to shrink. Believe me when I say this works from the first application because you can FEEL it work its magic instantly. I’ll be applying this on my bumps throughout summer with the goal of posting my own bootylicious selfie (and Kim K better watch out!).

– Sophia

Posted on: 01-22-2016 Posted By: Synergie Skin

Pure Synergie


How gorgeous is this mini make over by Michael at Pure Synergie Skin Store? This was done in just a couple of minutes to produce a fresh everyday wear.

Posted on: 02-19-2015 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– Alison for Pure Synergie

SS_B-Juvenate_200ml tube_gradient

“I was diagnosed with hyper-sensitivity as well as chemical and food intolerance a few years ago which has made it very difficult to source a wide variety of things that people take for granted, two of those being skin care and make up.

Thanks to Michael (Skin & Makeup Specialist, Pure Synergie) and the Synergie products I have every confidence that what I am putting on my skin won’t harm me.

My favourite product and a total blessing is B-juvEnate. I recently didn’t follow my strict diet and a bad case of urtacaria resulted across my chest and arms.  It is a really distressing skin condition, your skin needs to be moisturised and calmed.  I found B-juvEnate worked wonders!

I knew it was an excellent product before, but to be able to easily apply the lotion and to feel the benefits so quickly was such a relief.  I felt strongly enough about this product to write this testimonial so hopefully others out there like me will find the relief and the security in a skin product that I have”.



Posted on: 10-30-2015 Posted By: Synergie Skin

Victorian Cosmetic Institute

Acne-ba” This patient presented to Victorian Cosmetic Institute with a long standing history of acne. After a course of Chemical Peels and the Synergie Skin Anti-Blemish Kit at home skincare kit he has been able to stop his breakouts and can now begin repairing his acne scarring. ”







Posted on: 02-23-2017 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– PopSugar

uberzincPopSugar “If you feel like your other zinc products leave your skin feeling tacky and gross, maybe it’s time to give this one a try. Really light-weight and refreshingly fragranced with green tea and orange oil it’s the full protection you need in Summer without feeling heavy.”
Posted on: 09-16-2014 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– Whitney Speller for ‘Beauty Directory’

unnamed (1)“I love using products that prevent ageing, but I get REALLY excited when I have the chance to trial a product that reverses the signs of ageing – after all, who wouldn’t want to undo the damage caused by one too many Queensland summers? Because of this, I am loving Synergie Skin’s SuperSerum.

The serum glides onto my skin and is absorbed easily, leaving no residue whatsoever. An anti-ageing cosmeceutical, it triggers the skin cell processes that help to renew and repair ageing skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and increase volume and hydration (yes, please!). The ingredients in the serum work to target cell ageing and genetic damage as well as restore skin tissue, enhance collagen synthesis, boost the synthesis of the skin’s own hyaluronic acid, and reduce expression lines.

I’ve been using for a few weeks and have already seen improvements in the fine lines around my mouth.”



Posted on: 09-18-2014 Posted By: Synergie Skin

Australian skincare blogger @skincareblogger

dermacalm synergie“Tonight I tried the Synergie Skin DermaCalm – anti redness lotion. First thoughts, love the packaging similar packaging to Indeedlabs, nice consistency ,
felt extremely smooth going onto the skin … So far I really love the feeling of the product on my face , hard to explain but feels less dry obviously , more plump because
my skin has more moisture and looks more lively.”- Sian Maggs

Posted on: 02-19-2015 Posted By: Synergie Skin

Stephanie’s Urban Spa- Bulimba

stephanies_Synergieskin“It’s been 4 weeks and I can say my skin has felt the best it has in many years! I still get some outbreaks but the scarring or pigmentation is no where near as severe as it has been and I’m forever grateful for her advice. I know it will take sometime before I have healthy skin, but within a week of using the Synergie skincare products I already noticed a difference hydration and texture wise.”

– Michelle, a client from Stephanie’s Urban Spa


Click here to read the full testimonial


Posted on: 05-29-2015 Posted By: Synergie Skin

Aja from Beauty Directory

I’ve been making a conscious effort to pay attention to what I’m putting on my skin. I’ve recently started using the new Synergie Minerals range, a pressed mineral make-up line that works as an extension of your skincare regime. The products are free from parabens, dimethicone and artificial colours, and certified cruelty-free as well as 100 per cent Australian made and owned. My top picks are the HydroBlush in Spice and the Eyedration eyeshadow in Merlot, the perfect shades for transitioning into the cooler months. Synergie Minerals ticks all of the right boxes for me!

– Aja from Beauty Directory

Posted on: 06-1-2015 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– Face Up Beauty

“A few months ago I was diagnosed with hormonal pigmentation known as Melasma. In my case, the pigmentation became acute with strong sun exposure while on holiday abroad, despite a strict sun protection regime. Enter Synergie’s enLighten.

Before and After

I applied enLighten twice daily after using my Synergie Rejuvaderm Home Roller (for 40x serum penetration) and after applying cleanser and toner.  Five weeks is not long to expect results with Melasma –  you’re really talking months with this condition – however, I’ve had good results at the five week mark and I’m delighted!

The left pic was taken at the start of the trial, and the right at the end. Given the improvement I’m hopeful with continued use that the pigmentation will fade completely.”

Click here for full review

Posted on: 10-2-2014 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– Victorian Cosmetic Institute


Posted on: 09-29-2014 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– Yelena for ‘Beauty Directory’

Beauty Directory“Up until now, I’ve only really come across zinc creams that are thick and hard to rub in, so I was pleasantly surprised when the Synergie Skin ÜberZinc turned out to be a lightweight, fast-absorbing version.

A daily moisturiser that provides broad spectrum sun protection, this multi-tasking wonder has a similar consistency to a moisturiser as well as a beautiful citrus scent. Along with containing sheer zinc oxide to help reflect UV light, this daily moisturiser/sunscreen also features pure green tea to neutralise free radicals.

A luxe moisturiser and super protective sunscreen in one is definitely my idea of the ultimate summer product. Well done, Synergie Skin, well done.”

Posted on: 09-25-2014 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– Emily T

Synergie Minerals - Makeup

“Absolutely love Synergie Mineral Makeup. I use the Second Skin Mineral Powder and absolutely adore it. I have never been big on wearing makeup, normally I only wear makeup when I am going out or working in my receptionist position.

I’ve been using this product close to a month now. I purchased the powder, hydrospritz, kabuki brush and soft apricot blush. Would 110% buy the hydrospritz again, at first I thought eh whatever, its a spray but noooo – it makes my skin feel beautifully set and fresh after the application of make up. I use the spray before, after and during warmer days to keep skin looking fresh. I also love the mineral powder itself and will never go back to harsh chemical makeup now.

Thank you Synergie for making something so fabulous!”

Posted on: 09-14-2014 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– Jodi

“I recently stumbled on to your BB foundation (at Peninsula Hot Springs in Vic) and after only wearing it for the first time today, I am already looking at your other products to see what else I ‘need’. I love it!
Amazing how a quality product doesn’t leave your skin feeling cakey or oily (this from someone who normally wears a full face of make up every day & chases the ‘colourstay’ coverage). A huge congrats on coming up with such great product – I definitely hope to find more of your range to try very soon.”

Posted on: 09-13-2014 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– Angela Clare

As a qualified Dermal Therapist I have researched and compared many cosmeceuticals ranges.

My focus is to find a range that supports skin recovery from the treatments I perform, maintain skin health and deliver results without overwhelming my patients with complicated home protocols.

Synergie Skin is a standout!! So much so…I am now a stockist!

Posted on: 09-12-2014 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– Trish Matheson

Synergie Skin - SuperSerum

“Thought I’d just let you know of a great response to Superserum!

I had a patient in Shepparton, been on the farm all her life and 58 years old. She had what I term a “roadmap face”. There were lines just going every which way. I knew I couldn’t chase all the lines, so suggested Vital skinboost, 3 mls. I booked her in for the following month but suggested she use Superserum in the interem.

On returning 4 weeks later I was amazed at her response to the product. There was a remarkable reduction in her lines and the depth of the deep ones. (She did say she was a bit heavy handed with it!). I didn’t need to do the vital treatment but just a ml of Voluma to give volume. This cost her less, but she did buy some more products!

I have also had a patient with pigment who has tried everything, IPL etc with no success. I suggested Vanish, and she and her friends have noticed the improvement in this. I also find Revitaleyes is great, and I have good feedback with this product.

Thank you once again for all your support, as you know I really love Synergie, and tell as many people as I can about your great products”

Posted on: 08-17-2014 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– Kelly

“Until I started using the Synergie Practitioner range, I had combination skin that was prone to breakouts. Skincare products should make me feel like it’s not a “chore”, and should make me feel like I’m actually doing something to benefit my skin, rather than “fighting” with it.

The Synergie range is brilliant. It’s a simple, quick and easy addition to my daily routine. Within the first two weeks of using the Synergie products, I noticed a big difference in my skin. My skin has a healthy glow that people (including my husband!) comment on. 

Definitely give Synergie products a try. They are well worth it. I cannot speak highly enough of the products and the results you see in your skin. When everything else in your day is going wrong, at least your skin is going right!”

Posted on: 07-30-2014 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– Karol Leslie


“My skin has never looked so good! Over the years I’ve tried loads of products but this is the nicest skincare I’ve put on my face. My favourite product is the reClaim moisturiser. It instantly makes my skin plumper and it feels so incredibly silky.

I now have more zing in my life and can’t wait to see how it improves my skin even further as I recover. Thank you Synergie!”


Posted on: 06-24-2014 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– Lily Fontana, Make up artist

unnamed (1)

“When I decided to open a studio to teach women and girls on the art of makeup and skincare selection, my logical choice was to use what I use and have used for the past six years – Synergie Skin and Synergie Minerals.  I truly believe this is the best skincare in the world.”

Posted on: 06-15-2014 Posted By: Synergie Skin

– Jessica White


“I am a 21 year old model from Melbourne. Over the last year my skin was covered in acne and painful hormonal pimples which made me turn down several shoots, until I found Synergie!

In a few shorts weeks my skin has completely cleared up, I now have a gorgeous glow and a new found confidence!

So I just wanted to say thank you! And I will forever have the Synergie range in my life.”


Posted on: 08-16-2013 Posted By: admin

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