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Apr 2, 2017

Bec mason

“Finally in my mid 30’s I’ve found products that really work! I am not someone that would spend so much on products, but the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is very true when it comes to skin care, and nothing comes close to Synergie. It’s worked wonders for my skin, I am very happy!”

Mar 23, 2017

Megan Marx

“Over the last year or so I’ve been attending a lot of events and doing a lot of photoshoots- as a consequence of wearing a lot of makeup consistently, too much time in the sun (naughty!) combined with a lack of skincare routine, my skin was dry, dull and lacklustre. I was introduced to Synergie Skin through Medical Aesthetics Geraldton, and have not used anything else since contacting Synergie directly! The team set me up with a personalised skin care regimen and it didn’t take long to be able to wake up in the morning and feel good about the way my skin looks and feels. Massive change from 3 months ago, I assure you!. The mineral makeup and concealer has also been exceptional and is part of my day-to-day beauty bag.”

Mar 10, 2017

Tracey Gist

“The best make up I have ever used. The MineralWhip is simply beautiful. It goes on smoothly, looks luminous all day and has an impressive list of ingredients. I’m constantly complimented on my skin and this make up is the reason. I absolutely love it. I also have been impressed with the lipsticks. I recently travelled during a harsh European winter and wore Synergie’s lipstick the whole time and had no dryness or issues that I would normally get. And last but not least I cannot live without ÜberZinc. Thanks for creating such a beautiful skincare and makeup line.”

Feb 23, 2017

Victorian Cosmetic Institute

” This patient presented to Victorian Cosmetic Institute with a long standing history of acne. After a course of Chemical Peels and the Synergie Skin Anti-Blemish Kit at home skincare kit he has been able to stop his breakouts and can now begin repairing his acne scarring. ”







Feb 21, 2017

Tiffany Scanlon

“As a 30 year old woman I had not anticipated having to deal with acne when I had been acne-free all of my teenage years. I tried home remedies and many products, including prescription medication to try to clear my skin. Short of going back on the contraceptive pill or taking roaccutane, I had all but given up on having clear skin again when I was introduced to Synergie Skin by Medical Aesthetics Geraldton. After having a phone discussion about my skin concerns, I was set up with a customised skin care routine. Within a few weeks I started to notice the large red bumps on my neck disappearing and the acne on my chin and forehead clearing up. Any remaining spots or scaring I was able to cover with the concealer and foundation from Synergie Skin which did not clog my pores and contained ingredients that continued to treat my acne even while wearing makeup! I honestly could not be happier with the results I am getting and I plan to continue using these products for many years to come.”


Jan 21, 2017

Victoria Howes

“I bought an A-Zinc Essential Kit and literally couldn’t believe the results: here was the first cleanser that I didn’t feel worse for using and the first active serums I’d used that didn’t make my skin feel too tight or thin. I bought the kit expecting that I might be able to use one or two of the products but ended up loving all of them. Not only that, my skin felt so much more resilient and looked radiant, restoring my belief that skincare could actually ‘do something’, but with Synergie I could see the difference right away.

The Synergie approach is one I had always wished existed in beauty – taking the ‘first do no harm’ approach of organic skincare and combining it with genuine anti-ageing technology, elegant formulas and no deceptive marketing. It’s so nice to know that somebody qualified has done the research on what’s helpful or harmful and that I can buy the products knowing that they will work, be delightful to use, and won’t harm my skin. If I had my way, everybody I know would use Synergie and I’m doing my best to spread the word!”

Sep 21, 2016


“I want to say a huge thank you for such an amazing range! I am 30 years old and have struggled with pimples and horrible skin since about 15. I have tried so, so many things and ended up thinking it must be down to hormones and stomach problem, and figured there was nothing really left that would help – and then I tried Synergie! I tried ReVeal for my congestion – this worked great and within a week I was noticing results! I cannot believe the difference, I haven’t not had a pimple since about 2 weeks after using, and my complexion has become so, so, so much better! I am that person who has tried everything from the inside out and really didn’t think a skin care range could make such a difference! I currently use BioCleanseReVeal and DermaCalm or ÜberZinc in the ‘am’ and then BioCleanseUltimate AVitamin B and DermaCalm in the ‘pm’. And MediScrub once a week. I had sensitive, dehydrated, oily, pimple prone skin and was noticing fine lines, and that has all pretty much normalised, even during my period! Thank you for creating such beautiful, clean products. Everything I have tried has not disappointed and I look forward to trying many more things!”

May 20, 2016

Carmen Boo

“I cannot use anything else, my skin won’t let me. It’s that amazing.”

May 18, 2016

The Adelaidian

“After using a selection of Synergie products for just one month, Mel and Kristen from The Adelaidian are genuinely thrilled at how amazing their skin is looking.

Mel’s skin results were glowing and flawless, void of pimples, dry patches, red spots or any other kind of nasties. Perhaps the most surprising part about this trial was the time in which it took to actually make a difference; one week in and Mel was already looking fresh-faced and fabulous! Needless to say, the B-juvEnate moisturiser is definitely her new go-to skincare product… that stuff works some serious magic.

For Kristen, within a week her skin was looking plump and glowing, and during the entire month not once did she develop any dry patches on her face. She’s actually started receiving random compliments from strangers on how nice her skin looks!

We honestly couldn’t recommend it highly enough, and if you’re interested in trying it out but unsure what products are best for your skin simply contact the Synergie team and they’ll sort you out with a routine.”

Read their full review here

Mar 16, 2016


“My name’s Daniel, I’m 32 and I used to have really great skin. Unfortunately I got very sick and everything changed. After Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy all I can say is I looked absolutely terrible. My skin looked deathly grey, it dried up the elasticity and the bounce had gone. I went online and order a variety of skin care products, but they all did absolutely nothing.

On one particular day, my Aunt visited me and brought a few products with her. I had a dreadful red mark on my neck and chest from some radiotherapy that itched like crazy and felt burnt. I put a drop of the Synergie Vitamin B serum on my finger and gently massaged it over the area.

Unbelievable! The itching stopped and it felt calm! I applied a little bit a few times and the marks and burns healed! I mean really healed, the marks faded and I was left with lovely smooth skin! Absolute miracle! I looked in the mirror after 1 week and all I can say is I cried! My skin looked wonderful, it looked alive – I finally looked alive! I can’t thank you enough, I have no words to express at how much benefit I’ve gained from these products.

How a range can tackle the effects of cancer on the body and at the same time make skin look younger is quite an accomplishment. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your hard work designing these miracle formulas! You gave me my confidence back and I feel alive again.”

Jan 22, 2016

Sophia from Beauty Directory

Synergie Skin CelluTite Body

You know the bootylicious selfie of Kim K in that white one-piece swimsuit showing off her enviable backside? Well, I would (and totally could) appropriate that image if I had the same amount of cellulite as Kim K – which is zero! Enter Synergie Skin’s CelluTite Body gel. This contouring gel contains Actiporine™ to detoxify cells and stimulate collagen synthesis, as well as caffeine to release sodium from fat cells and causes them to shrink. Believe me when I say this works from the first application because you can FEEL it work its magic instantly. I’ll be applying this on my bumps throughout summer with the goal of posting my own bootylicious selfie (and Kim K better watch out!).

– Sophia

Nov 29, 2015

A solution to break outs – Victorian Cosmetic Institute

This patient presented to Victorian Cosmetic Institute with concerns her skin breaking out. She had tried many different treatments and products prior to coming to our clinic. VCI skin therapist, Dani, placed her on a simple skin care plan of Synergie Skin BioCleanse and Priority B serum. The patient also had a series of LED light therapy treatments. This is her before and after images following her 8th treatment.


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